Nepal Views China’s Post-Quake Reconstruction Projects As Great Learning For The Future

KATHMANDU, Nepal, May 25 (NNN-NEPALNEWS) – The reconstruction projects being carried out in Nepal under China’s aid, can be a great learning for the Himalayan country, head of the authorised body to carry out the post earthquake rebuilding, said here on Friday.

While attending an open day of reconstruction project of Nepal’s oldest school, Durbar High School, the National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) Chief, Sushil Gyewali, said that, the projects aided by China have achieved excellent performance within the short period of time.

“Chinese reconstruction projects are going on in a fast pace. We can learn from the Chinese side, their construction management and team work, to improve our construction industry,” Gyewali said.

He said, the Nepali construction industry could move ahead in a fast manner, if it followed the Chinese footsteps by analysing the success and failure factors.

“Altogether 25 reconstruction projects are being carried out under the Chinese aid, and most of the projects are in completion phase,” he added.

Mentioning quake-damaged schools that are being reconstructed, he highly appreciated the support of the Chinese government for carrying out those projects in an efficient manner.

Durbar High School, also known as Bhanu Secondary School, is the first school in Nepal based on modern education system. It was severely damaged in the earthquake in 2015.

Addressing the ceremony, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, Hou Yanqi said, Durbar High School is the showcase work of China aid post-disaster reconstruction projects in Nepal, adding, the government hopes that the newly-rebuilt school will retain its former clusters.

“The Chinese government is very pleased to take part in the reconstruction of Kathmandu Durbar High School, and hopes to rebuild it with safety, elegance and traditionally unique features,” the ambassador said.

According to officials, the project will end in Jan next year, enabling students to learn in safe and comfortable environment.– NNN-NEPALNEWS