Kuwait Ready To Help Stabilise Region: Deputy FM

KUWAIT, May 25 (NNN-KUNA) – Kuwait is ready to make efforts to help stabilise the Middle East region, Khaled Al-Jarallah, Kuwait’s deputy foreign minister, said on Friday.

He made the remarks at a Ramadan banquet, held for diplomatic missions in Kuwait.

“Kuwait stands ready and is poised to carry out efforts aimed at calming and stabilising the situation and avoiding confrontation,” he said, reiterating the sensitivity and extremely dangerous nature of the “fast-paced developments in the region.”

“Kuwait is confident that wisdom, reasoning and a state of calm will prevail in the region without the need for clashes,” he said.

We believe that “there is a cause for hope and optimism,” he added.

Al-Jarallah hoped that the Gulf and Arab countries’ summits called for by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, would resolve or contribute to calming the situation.

The Saudi king invited the Gulf and Arab countries for two summits in Mecca on May 30.

Over recent weeks, the United States has ratcheted up pressure against Iran with a series of sanctions, designations and military threats, following Washington’s year-long campaign against Tehran, after the U.S. exit from the landmark nuclear deal in May last year.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said, his country will never bow to the pressures exerted by the U.S. government.

Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi said, Iraq will send delegations to the United States and Iran to ease the tension in the Middle East.– NNN-KUNA