• June 14, 2024
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About Nam News Network

The NAM News Network (NNN) is the transformation of the now-defunct NANAP or Non-Aligned News Agencies Pool. The resurrection was with the concurrence and endorsement of the Sixth Conference of Ministers of Information of Non-Aligned Countries (COMINAC VI) hosted by Malaysia in November 2005.

As a revitalised entity the NNN makes the most of the Internet and ICT applications for speedy and affordable communications among its members.

NNN (Nam News Network) is managed by BERNAMA, the Malaysian National News Agency and financed by the Malaysian government as its committment to the Non – Aligned Movement (NAM).

By any measure, the NNN is Malaysia’s gift to NAM but it is only workable if like-minded fellow NAM members subscribe to the continuing relevance of a revitalised NAM through increased flows of news and information.

The NNN sees itself as an alternative source of information rather than being in competition with other major news services. Essentially it would serve as a conduit for NAM member countries to tell their story and use it as a yet another tool of communication for them.

It is also incumbent upon the NNN to assume the role of a creator of awareness of the potential that exists for expanding trade and economic collaboration among business communities of NAM member countries through information-sharing and building of e-knowledge capacity.

Facing the reality of NAM member countries accounting for less than 20 per cent of world exports and less than 15 per cent of world imports, the NNN is striving to contribute towards the acceleration of the pace of growth in trade among them.


NNN Editorial Policy

To strive to ensure that the ethics and canons of journalism, accuracy, objectivity and common decency are steadfastly upheld.

NNN Editorial Guidelines

  • NNN will handle news stories and images about NAM, from NAM and by NAM.
  • Content will be informative, comprehensive, wide-ranging and progressive on economics, socio-political and cultural development.
  • Content on timeless information should also be shared by NAM citizens and the rest of the world.
  • Content and information should not be in support of a particular proprietor or ideology.
  • Content and information should be freshly presented but not driven by hidden agenda.
  • Each participating news organisation has the right to transmit and receive information (news stories, images, feature articles and news commentaries).
  • Each member news organisation writes its own material and chooses what material to offer to the NNN on the basis of mutual respect and mutual interest to NAM members.
  • Attribution for content and credibility of information are paramount.
  • Each member agency or country has the right to re-angle NNN stories to suit its requirements.