Kuwait Grapples With Power Outages Amid High Temperatures

Kuwait Grapples With Power Outages Amid High Temperatures

KUWAIT CITY, Jun 21 (NNN-KUNA) – Multiple areas in Kuwait faced power cuts, as scorching temperatures pushed the electricity grid to its limits during peak hours.

The Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy (MEWRE), said in a press release that, power generation stations struggled to meet the surge in demand, leading to outages in parts of all six governorates.

“Precautionary measures, including scheduled power cuts for periods ranging from one to two hours at most, have been taken to safeguard the stability of the electrical system,” the ministry explained.

MEWRE urged residents and businesses to conserve electricity during peak hours, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM, to ease the strain on the grid.

Local newspaper, Al-Rai, reported that 41 areas experienced disruptions throughout the day.

Earlier, Abdul Aziz Al-Qarawi, Director of the Kuwait Meteorological Department, attributed the heatwave to the Indian seasonal low-pressure system, which brings hot air masses to the region. This has caused a significant rise in temperatures, with highs reaching between 51 and 52 degrees Celsius in most desert areas.– NNN-KUNA  


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