Developed world has more faith in Putin than Trump: survey

WASHINGTON, Sept 17 (NNN-TASS) — Residents of developed countries trust Russian President Vladimir Putin more than his American counterpart Donald Trump, a Pew Research Center poll covering 13,200 people from 13 countries revealed.

According to the research published Tuesday, 23% of respondents treat Putin with trust. The trust rating of Chinese leader Xi Jinping is slightly lower – 19%. Meanwhile, only 16% of those surveyed have faith in the US President.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has the highest trust rating of 76%, followed by French President Emmanuel Macron with 64% and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson with 48%.

The Russian leader enjoys the highest degree of trust among the residents of Germany, Italy and Austria, the poll suggests.

The survey included 13 countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, the Netherlands, South Korea, Sweden and the UK.

It took place between June 10 and Aug 3. — NNN-TASS