Yemeni Gov’t Forces Dismantle Houthi-Laid Minefield In Hodeidah

ADEN, Sept 19 (NNN-SABA) – Yemeni government forces declared, a large minefield, planted by the Houthi rebels in the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah was dismantled.

“A team of explosives experts managed to dismantle a minefield planted by the Houthis in Khokhah district of Hodeidah, and protected civilians living in that area,” the pro-government Giants Brigades said in a statement.

Two women discovered that landmines started to appear because of the recent rains and wind, and immediately called the explosives experts to check the area.

“The team of experts headed to the area … uncovering a minefield left over by Houthi militia, which withdrew from the area last year,” the statement said.

The experts were able to “dismantle and remove more than 20 landmines in an area frequently visited by sheep and camel herders,” it added.

Landmines and explosives of various kinds and sizes are considered a deadly long-standing threat to the lives of millions of Yemenis, and have killed and injured hundreds of them, including women and children.

Reports by humanitarian organisations suggested that Yemen has become one of the largest landmine battlefields in the world, since the World War II.– NNN-SABA