The Mulu, more than just a Malaysian restaurant in Beijing

BEIJING, Aug 11 (NNN-Bernama) — The Mulu Restaurant in this Chinese capital city is much more than just an eatery selling Malaysian and other Southeast Asian food. 

It is also a window for Chinese nationals to the cultures and life of the people in the countries that make up an important region in that part of the world.

The restaurant was established in 2013 following the promotion of Southeast Asia, and particularly Malaysia, to the Chinese since 2009, said the owner, Sarawak-born Jasmine Kho, 32.

“The idea to promote Southeast Asia came up 10 years ago when many of my friends here expressed interest to know more about the region. Once they learned more about the region and Malaysia, they were drawn to the cultures, particularly the food.

“I believe the best way to promote Southeast Asia, particularly Malaysia, is through food. Thus was born the Mulu Restaurant,” she told Bernama.

The Mulu Restaurant is located in the WF Central shopping mall, about a five-minute walk from the Wangfujing subway station.

It has a regular clientele from among the local people and the international community in Beijing, especially from countries such as Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and, of course, Malaysia.

Kho said the laksa Sarawak dish is a hit at the restaurant. The fare is prepared with a special recipe she inherited from her grandmother.

“We also have cendol durianPenang char kuey teow, chicken rendangnasi lemaksate and several popular dishes from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam,” she said.

Kho has taken the name of the Mulu National Park, the popular sandstone and shale mountain and the cave complex of the same name in Sarawak, that has come to be recognised as a world heritage for the name of the restaurant.

“As a Sarawakian, Mount Mulu is close to my heart. The sandstone landscape covered with rich, virgin tropical forests will surely captivate anyone who sets foot there.

“It is for this reason that the design of the restaurant interior combines the beauty of Mount Mulu and the Sarawak batik patterns.

“Many customers are deeply interested in our cultures. It helps to promote Malaysia, particularly with Visit Malaysia 2020 knocking at our doors,” said Kho who has plans to franchise the business in China.