Philippines Tallies 197 Dengue Deaths Since Jan

Philippines Tallies 197 Dengue Deaths Since Jan

MANILA, Jun 16 (NNN-PNA) – The Philippines has tallied 197 deaths due to dengue, from Jan to Jun 1, this year, the Department of Health (DOH) said, yesterday.

The DOH said, it recorded nearly 70,500 cases of mosquito-borne disease from Jan 1 to Jun 1.

The health department said, it has closely monitored the number of new dengue cases per week as the previously declining trend “is now starting to plateau.”

“This could be the start of a rise in cases nationwide, if we will not search and destroy ‘mosquito water’, stagnant water in any areas or containers, that may breed dengue mosquitos,” the DOH warned.

The DOH noted that seven regions in the northern part of the main Luzon island and southern Philippines, showed dengue case increases in recent three to four weeks.

On May 29, the weather bureau declared start of rainy season in the Philippines.

“More water means more mosquito breeding grounds,” Health Secretary, Teodoro Herbosa said, urging people to “search and destroy stagnant water.”

Dengue is endemic in the Philippines. Water-borne infectious diseases, including dengue, usually peak at the start of rainy season, due to fluctuating weather conditions, flooding and accumulation of contaminated water.– NNN-PNA  


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