Morocco earthquake: King Mohammed VI thanks World for quake rescue aid

RABAT, Sept 19 (NNN-ALLAFRICA) — Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has expressed his and the Moroccan people’s thanks and gratitude to the world for their assistance during the devastating 6,8 earthquake that hit the Al Haouz region on Sept 8.

Morocco had given four countries, Spain, Qatar, UAE, UK and various non-governmental organisations, permission to assist in search and rescue operations. Morroccan youth also offered their assistance in the rescue efforts.

According to Maghreb Arabe PresseThe Telegraph newspaper wrote: “Morocco has once again shown its resilience in difficult times, by reacting with steadfast determination and calm decisions, under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, following the earthquake that shook the Kingdom.

Large parts of the surrounds of the historic City of Marrakesh were destroyed by the earthquake which left over 2,000 people dead and over 5,000 injured. Many homes were also destroyed. — NNN-ALLAFRICA


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