Police Destroy Hashish Farms In Eastern Afghanistan

Police Destroy Hashish Farms In Eastern Afghanistan

KABUL, Sept 19 (NNN-ANA) – Police have smashed hashish farms in the eastern Afghanistan’s Panjshir province, and asked farmers to avoid cultivation of illegal crops including poppy and hashish, provincial police said, in a statement today.

The counter-narcotics police launched operations against illegal crops and destroyed six acres of hashish farm in Parian district of the province yesterday, according to the statement.

In a similar operation against illegal crops, police smashed a hashish farm in the northern Samangan province on Sunday.

In a recent crackdown on illicit drugs, police arrested a drug smuggler in Gazara district of the western Herat province, and discovered objects used in manufacturing heroin.

The Afghan caretaker government has vowed to fight against illegal drugs until the country gets rid of the drug menace.– NNN-ANA  


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