Saudi Desert Art Expo Puts Alula’s Natural, Cultural Gems Under Global Spotlight

RIYADH, Feb 12 (NNN-SPA) – A Saudi desert exhibition, inspired by AlUla’s natural and historic surroundings, has been taking the art world by storm.

Desert X AlUla, the first site-responsive contemporary art display of its kind in the Kingdom, brought together an international collaboration of artists for a cross-cultural exploration of desert culture.

The expo, which runs until Mar 7, takes its cue from the extraordinary landscape and historical significance of the ancient site.

Some of the artists taking part in the project have been involved in the creation of Desert X installations in California, and their experience helped produce stunning artworks based on AlUla’s ancient civilisations, natural beauty, sands and rock formations.

The expo, which is been held in cooperation between the Royal Commission for AlUla and Desert X, is part of the Kingdom’s push, to promote Saudi art and culture on the international stage.– NNN-SPA