Thousands Of Displaced Observed Eid Al-Fitr In S. Lebanon

Thousands Of Displaced Observed Eid Al-Fitr In S. Lebanon

BEIRUT, Apr 11 (NNN-NNA) – Around 5,000 to 6,000 displaced people from border areas in southern Lebanon, performed Eid al-Fitr prayers yesterday, in mosques that were severely damaged by Israeli airstrikes in their villages and towns.

In the early morning, thousands of displaced Lebanese headed to their villages, in the border area, inspected their homes and performed Eid prayers in mosques, security sources said.

The latest census conducted by the Government Crisis Management Committee, revealed that around 140,000 civilians were displaced from the border area in southern Lebanon, with 60,000 still residing in conflict areas.

Anonymous sources said that, displaced people spent several hours in their villages to check their properties, some of whom visiting cemeteries to mourn for those who had been killed by Israeli bombing during the past six months.

According to the same sources, the people left their villages and towns around noon and returned to displacement shelters in Tyre, Nabatieh, and Hasbaya.

Military sources said, Israel carried out yesterday, four air strikes on three border towns and villages, in the eastern and central sectors, and fired 45 shells at nine towns and villages, in the eastern, central, and western sectors of the border region in southern Lebanon.

One of the raids destroyed at least three houses and damaged 14 others, in two villages of the central sector.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah said, its fighters attacked several Israeli sites, including Kiryat Shmona, Rwaisat al-Alam, al-Samaqa, and Zebdine.

Tensions along the Lebanon-Israel border escalated on Oct 8, last year, following a barrage of rockets launched by the Lebanese armed group, Hezbollah, towards Israel, in solidarity with Hamas’ attack on Israel the day before. Israel then retaliated by firing heavy artillery towards south-eastern Lebanon.

Confrontations between Hezbollah and Israel killed 417 people on the Lebanese side, including 265 Hezbollah members and 74 civilians, according to Lebanese security sources.– NNN-NNA  


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