UK leader of House of Commons resigns amid Brexit row

LONDON, May 23 (NNN-Xinhua) — The British leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom on Wednesday resigned amid growing discontent with the prime minster’s leadership, one day after the new Brexit agreement backfired.

Leadsom said in her resignation letter that she does not believe that Britain will be a truly sovereign country through the deal that is newly proposed.

“I have always maintained that a second referendum would be dangerously divisive, and I do not support the government willingly facilitating such a concession,” she said. “It would risk undermining the Union, which is something I passionately want to see strengthened.”

She said there has been such a breakdown of government processes that recent Brexit-related legislative proposals have not been properly scrutinized or approved by cabinet members.

Leadsom’s resignation came one day after the Prime Minister Theresa May proposed her new Brexit agreement which was seriously criticized by members from both Conservative and Labor.