Colombia: President Petro orders arm purchase suspension from Israel

Colombia: President Petro orders arm purchase suspension from Israel

BOGOTA, March 1 (NNN-PRENSA LATINA) — Colombian President Gustavo Petro ordered to suspend all arms purchases from Israel following the attack by the Israeli Army over Palestinian civilians waiting for humanitarian assistance and food in Gaza.

“Over 100 Palestinians were asking for food, and they were just killed by Benjamin Netanyahu. This is called genocide and is reminiscent of the Holocaust, even if the world powers don’t like to recognize it. The world must block Netanyahu. Colombia suspends all arms purchases from Israel,” Petro posted on X.

Military cooperation was one of the central elements of Colombia-Israel relations for decades.

Both nations´ Armies have conducted training exercises to reinforce combat and anti-terrorism techniques.Likewise, Colombia has purchased from Israel a significant part of war material with which it has equipped its military forces.

Data from the Center for Military Education and the Colombian Military Industry indicate that the Army, the Police and the Technical Investigation Corps of the Attorney General’s Office use several weapons produced by the Israeli Arms Industry, such as the Jericho semi-automatic pistol, the X95 rifle and the Galil rifles.

Plus, Petro’s Government, through the Foreign Ministry, expressed its strongest condemnation of such attack.

”The State of Israel must comply without delay with its international commitments to International Law and International Humanitarian Law, as well as the provisional measures requested by the International Court of Justice”, it demanded through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

SANTIAGO de CHILE: The Palestinian community in Chile on Thursday strongly condemned the Israeli occupation army’s attacks over people receiving aid in Gaza, leaving at least 104 dead and over 700 injured.

Such a tragedy underscores the urgent need for an immediate cease-fire and the opening of humanitarian corridors to allow the safe passage of aid to ease the suffering of the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian community made an explicit call to the Chilean government to step up actions to force Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration to immediately cease this genocide.

Palestinians in Chile also urged Gabriel Boric to lead diplomatic efforts, together with the international community, to guarantee protection for civilians in Gaza. — NNN-PRENSA LATINA


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