Malaysian King Calls On People To Emulate Prophet’s Noble Character In Speaking The Truth

Malaysian King Calls On People To Emulate Prophet’s Noble Character In Speaking The Truth

PUTRAJAYA (Malaysia), Sept 28 (NNN-Bernama) — Malaysian King Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah Thursday calls on the people to emulate the Prophet Muhammad’s noble character in speaking the truth, being honest and avoiding slander and lies. 

Al-Sultan Abdullah said words in the forms of insults, lies and slander only undermine the country’s stability and harmony. 

“Let us take heed of the fall and collapse of civilisation and the great powers of the world as a result of the culture of slander that dominated and festered in the lives of its people,” His Majesty said in conjunction with the national level 1445 Hijrah/2023 Maulidur Rasul celebration at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC), here. 

His Majesty said after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, the phenomenon of slander led to a tragic event in Islamic history through the assassination of the third caliph Saidina Uthman Affan. 

“That’s how great a “fitnah” (slander) and deception could be, not only shed the blood of a great Islamic leader but has also destroyed the harmony and stability of the country.

Al-Sultan Abdullah said Muslims have always been reminded to avoid and stay away from people who do not speak the truth. 

The teachings of Islam brought by the Prophet Muhammad encompassed various aspects of human life including navigating and governing a country with various races and religions as well as a spectrum of different socio-economic positions. 

He also said that the Sirah (history) of Rasulullah also reflects his expertise in governing a country.

“Through his wisdom, Prophet Muhammad has succeeded in freeing mankind from ignorance and building a civilised generation.

The King said the Messenger of Allah had brought the message of Islam to continue to rise and develop in the Middle East and that it became the trigger for the progress and success of communities in other continents which were in darkness at that time.

His Majesty also said that the Prophet’s noble character was seen as a benchmark of human values in the world’s community.

In conjunction with the celebration of the Maulidur Rasul today, Al-Sultan Abdullah also called on the people to continue upholding the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

“By doing so, we will be able to develop a civilised, successful, harmonious and prosperous country with its people embodying the virtues of humanity,” he said.

Al-Sultan Abdullah is also optimistic that Malaysia will reach the peak of real success when Islamic law and the Prophet’s noble character serve as the basis of the country’s governance.

He said that Maqasid Syariah (paramount objectives in Islamic Law) should be used as a basic framework in the delivery of services so that the welfare of the people, which is the government’s responsibility, continues to be safeguarded.

The King also said that in conjunction with the national level Prophet Muhammad’s birthday celebration this year, the people should be determined and committed to continue to practice the teachings brought by the Prophet. 


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