Dried Lake In Northern Mongolia Restored After Several Decades

Dried Lake In Northern Mongolia Restored After Several Decades

ULAN BATOR, Jun 6 (NNN-XINHUA) – A dried lake in the northern Mongolian province of Khuvsgul, has been restored by engineering solutions, after several decades, the country’s Ministry of Environment and Tourism said, today.

“The Khodon River, changing its course due to a heavy flood in 1971, negatively impacted the ecosystem of a group of lakes in Darkhad Valley. Especially, the Tsoitson lake, connected to the Khodon River, ultimately evaporated completely,” the ministry said in a statement.

A 403-metre dam and two channels were built on the Khodon River in 2021, by the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, and a company called Prestige Engineering, at the behest of the governor’s office of Khuvsgul province, to redirect the river’s flow, the ministry said.

Thanks to the efforts, since Sept, 2022, the Khodon River has been flowing directly into the Tsoitson Lake, through its main channel and providing nourishment to the lake, the ministry said.

The lake has stored about 35 million cubic metres of water after the restoration, benefiting local residents and animals near the area as well as, the whole country, it said.– NNN-XINHUA  


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