MenCare Unveils New Data on Men’s Awareness and Support for Breast Cancer Screening

SELANGOR, April 23 (Bernama) — According to the Global Cancer Observatory, in 2018 there were 23,218 new cancer cases reported among women in Malaysia, and 7,593 of them were new breast cancer cases[i]. As the most common cancer among women in this country, breast cancer accounted for 32.1% of all female cancers according to the Malaysian National Cancer Registry Report 2007-2011, with an overall lifetime risk of one in 30, which means one woman in 30 will get breast cancer in her lifetime.[ii]

To encourage more women to undergo regular screening, National Council of Women’s Organisations (NCWO), partnered with the Selangor state government to embrace MenCare – an award-winning programme to educate and empower men to be advocates for breast cancer screening by leveraging the influence of husbands, fathers, brothers, uncles and colleagues. This project is made possible by the support of Pfizer Malaysia.