Militants Bomb Another Girls’ School In W. Afghanistan

Militants Bomb Another Girls’ School In W. Afghanistan

FARAH, Afghanistan, April 16 (NNBN-AGENCIES) – Anti-government militants have attacked and bombed another girls’ school, in the second attack against educational facilities in Afghanistan’s western province of Farah within a day, a local official said today (Tuesday).

“Armed men blew up Amir Shir Ali Khan High School by explosives, in Nawda locality, on the outskirts of Farah city, capital of western Farah province Monday night,” Mohammad Azim, head of the provincial education department, said.

The school building was destroyed but no one was injured, as the school, accommodating over 1,000 students, was closed during the overnight attack, he noted.

On Sunday night, a girls’ school was bombed and destroyed in a similar attack, in Tosaak locality of the city, 695 km west of the country’s capital, Kabul.

No group has claimed responsibility for the incidents so far.

The Taliban militants had in the past been blamed for such incidents, as they were opposing girls’ education.

More than 9.5 million Afghan children, with around 40 percent of them girls, attend 15,000 schools across the country, while over 3.7 million school-age children have no access to education due to poverty, conflicts and insurgency, according to education officials.– NNN-AGENCIES


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