Peru: President rules out corruption, reiterates call for dialogue

Peru: President rules out corruption, reiterates call for dialogue
Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

LIMA, Dec 7 (NNN-ANDINA) — President Pedro Castillo on Tuesday ruled out corruption and reiterated his call for dialogue with all political forces so as to avoid chaos and crisis in a country that clamors for the unity of its authorities to achieve the development that it continues seeking for centuries.

The Head of State participated in the ceremony marking the 34th anniversary of creation of the National Police of Peru (PNP).

Within this framework, the top official indicated that he is a man of work, trust, and consensus.

“Today, from this noble and heroic school of police officers, I reiterate that I am not corrupt, because I would never stain the name and good last name of my parents (…),” Castillo expressed.

“And from this space I reiterate the call for dialogue to all political forces so as not to let the country fall into chaos and crisis. It (the country) continues to clamor for the unity of its authorities in order to achieve the long-awaited development that it has been seeking for centuries,” he added.

In this sense, the President urged opponents to act responsibly so as not to repeat “the chapter of past stories,” asking “that we leave hatred and political confrontation aside, which do not contribute anything in favor of the country.”

“Let’s work together for a Peru that needs everyone’s effort to regain the tranquility we deserve by respecting the institutional framework, the balance of powers, and the mutual respect that the country needs,” he pointed out.

The Head of State said that a certain sector attempts to snatch this peace of mind from the country based on assumptions, which —he said— are slanders, uncorroborated statements, and speculation.

During his speech, the President also reiterated gratitude and recognition to all police members who provide services nationwide, and that this new anniversary serves to reaffirm “their firm commitment to continue working in order to generate better security conditions for all Peruvians.”

In this sense, he said that, as part of the strengthening and equipping for police modernization, the Executive Branch will submit to Congress a bill by which regional and local governments, which receive canon, allocate at least 10% annually of said revenue for investment in public security.

Today’s event took place at the PNP School of Officers in Lima’s Chorrillos district.

The ceremony saw the presence of Ministers Willy Huerta (Interior) and Gustavo Bobbio (Defense), as well as Congress Chairman Jose Williams and PNP Lieutenant General Vicente Alvarez, who serves as General Commander in charge of the National Police, among other authorities. — NNN-ANDINA


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