Latest News: Country Garden Forest City Fully Resumes Operations

JOHOR BAHRU, Malaysia, Nov 25 (Bernama-GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The outbreak of COVID-19 has affected society’s normal functioning and also brought Forest City into a state of temporary standstill. Fortunately, all aspects of Malaysia are recovering from the pandemic following successful vaccination efforts and the complete lifting of movement restrictions. Therefore, Country Garden Forest City has also fully resumed operations.

Launched by Country Garden Group in 2015, Forest City integrates sustainable housing, business, and tourism. As a representative of future smart cities, Country Garden Group hired the internationally renowned consulting firm McKinsey to customize a complete plan for the project. For example, Forest City has introduced eight industries, including tourism and exhibitions, medical care, education and training, emerging technologies, and green and smart industries. In addition, its strategic location provides unique conditions for its development and heralds its broad development prospects.


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