TMD Security Launches the First Integrated Access Management Solution for the Financial Industry

SINGAPORE, April 2 (Bernama-BUSINESS WIRE) — TMD Security announced today that it will launch Access Management, the first integrated secure access provision and scheduling solution for ATM top box, ATM safe, secure room, data centre, safety deposit access, server room and branch at RBR’s Self-Service Asiaconference in Bangkok.

‘Developing a ‘game-changing’ integrated access management solution is not easy,’ said Cees Heuker of Hoek, CEO, TMD Security. ‘That is why the banking industry and ATM deployers have been using the same locks and manual processes for the past twenty years. The impact on ATM availability and the hidden costs are significant but someone is paying the bill. Our priority is to help to reduce operational costs for deployers, CITs and service providers, improve ATM up-time and effectively protect the ATM and the cash inside it.’


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