Houthi Rebels Advance Towards Oil Fields In Southern Yemen

ADEN, Sept 22 (NNN-YPA) – Houthi rebel fighters achieved on-ground military progress and captured key areas in southern Yemen’s oil-rich province of Shabwa yesterday, a military official said.

The local military source said that, the Houthis carried out an all-out offensive and captured Bayhan district in the province, where key oil fields are located.

“Scores of Houthi fighters were deployed in Bayhan, following several hours of fighting with government forces in the area,” he said.

After the Houthi deployment in Bayhan, the rebels began attacking areas in the district of Usaylan, which also has oil fields, he added.

The source said, the fighting is still going on between the two warring rivals, leaving dozens either killed or injured from both sides.

In 2017, the Yemeni government forces, backed by a Saudi Arabia-led coalition, launched a large military campaign and expelled the Houthi rebels out of all the strategic areas in Shabwa.

The Houthi militia recently intensified their military operations against government-controlled areas, in different parts of the war-ravaged Arab country, and succeeded in capturing key areas from the government forces.– NNN-YPA


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