Protesters Demand For Law To Ban Child Marriage In Lebanon

Protesters Demand For Law To Ban Child Marriage In Lebanon

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Mar 3 (NNN-NNA) – Despite the heavy rain, hundreds of protesters marched Saturday, from Adlieh to Beirut’s downtown, to advocate for a law on preventing child marriage in Lebanon.

“We, as members of Progressive Women Union, can say that it is time to approve a law preventing child marriage, because this is not only a right for women but a humanitarian right, which should be approved right away,” a woman protester said.

The protest was organised by the Lebanese Democratic Women’s Gathering (LWDG), in cooperation with the National Alliance for the Protection of Children from Early Marriage, and the presence of over 57 non-governmental organisations (NGOs), in addition to a number of Lebanese political parties.

Protesters chanted slogans against child marriage while holding signs such as “The younger, the more dangerous.”

Lawmaker Bilal Abdallah, who took part in the march, said that, it is not easy to work on such laws in Lebanon because the country “is sectarian and the mentality is a bit conservative.”

“It is our duty, however … to fight for this case because of the negative repercussions of child marriage on society,” he said.

LWDG launched a campaign to install a legal minimum age for marriage since 2016, when it formed a legal committee to work towards that end.

The proposed law, introduced in Mar, 2017, by then-Bcharre member of parliament, Elie Keyrouz, was discussed four times in parliament.

“But after last year’s parliamentary elections, the new parliament put the law aside,” said Sara El Outa, campaign and advocacy coordinator at LWDG.

However, El Outa said that some lawmakers are supporting LWDG and vowed to discuss the law in parliament.– NNN-NNA


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