Vietnamese Geo-Park Earns UNESCO Global Status

HANOI, Nov 25 (NNN-VNA) – A geo-park in central highlands Vietnam’s Dak Nong province, officially becomes the third in the country, to join the global geo-parks network of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), it was reported today.

The province’s Dak Nong Geo-park, which received a certificate as part of UNESCO’s Global Geo-parks Network, covers more than 4,700sq km of land, with 65 heritage and geomorphological sites, including volcanic craters, volcanic caves, and waterfalls.

Notably, the geo-park is home to the largest system of volcanic caves in Southeast Asia, with more than 50 caves, said the report.

On July 7, the Programme and External Relations Commission of the 209th UNESCO Executive Board, approved the Global Geo-parks Council’s proposal to recognise the Dak Nong geo-park as a global geo-park.

Dong Van Karst Plateau, in northern Vietnam’s Ha Giang province, and the Non Nuoc Cao Bang Geo-park in northern Cao Bang province, have already been named members of the Global Geo-parks Network.– NNN-VNA