UK Daily COVID-19 Cases Hit Four-Month High With 4,422 More Cases

LONDON, Sept 20 (NNN-AGENCIES) – The number of people who tested positive for COVID-19 in Britain rose by 4,422, the highest daily increase since May 8, official statistics showed, yesterday.

The total number of cases hit 390,358, while the total number of related deaths rose by 27 to 41,759, according to official figures.

The latest figures were revealed as Prime Minister Johnson warned that a second wave of COVID-19 is “coming in” and his government may need to “intensify things to help bring the rate of infections down.”

Also yesterday, hundreds of people attended a rally in Trafalgar Square in central London to protest against COVID-19 lock-down measures. Some of them became involved in “outbreaks of violence towards officers,” the Metropolitan Police said.

Traffic was brought to a halt as protesters erected a blockade, in a bid to prevent police officers from making arrests.

Among the demonstrators are coronavirus conspiracy theorists, who claim that COVID-19 was a hoax, advocating against people wearing masks, and accusing the government of concealing the truth.

In a statement, Scotland Yard said, officers had attempted to “explain, engage and encourage” the protesters to leave the rally, but many remained “putting themselves and others at risk.”

Police warned that “enforcement action” would be used to disperse those who remain in the area and those who remained there could be arrested.– NNN-AGENCIES