Mexico and Malaysia strongly united in many areas – Envoy

KUALA LUMPUR: File photo of Mexico’s Ambassador to Malaysia Carlos Felix Corona during an interview with Bernama. Photo courtesy of BERNAMA.

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 17 (Bernama) — Mexico and Malaysia are united and have many things in common including the same date for their national day celebration – September 16, said Mexico’s Ambassador to Malaysia Carlos Felix Corona.

On September 16 Mexico commemorated its 210th year of Independence while Malaysia celebrated its 57th year of nationhood.

In a congratulatory video by the Embassy on Youtube to mark the occasion, Corona said relations between Malaysia and Mexico, which have grown tremendously over the past years, will continue to grow while both countries will also be more united in the future.

“Mexico and Malaysia are united for many links; during the past years, our links had grown tremendously in different areas, but the most important asset that we have is our human capital.

“We are united through the Pacific; we are not considering that Pacific divides us; on the contrary, it is the bridge that approaches us together,” he said. 

Mayor of Kuala Lumpur Datuk Nor Hisham A. Dahlan, in his reciprocal message, also urged the people to come together to cherish the freedom and the blessings that they experience.

“On this great day, let us together cherish the freedom, enjoy the glory, and count the blessings that we are ever to experience. Let us pray for continuous success and peace.

“Yes, at the moment, the world is facing challenges, such as COVID-19, but nations should come together, value and honour past sacrifices, support each other, and only then we shall grow and prosper,” he said.