Mumbai Police Seize 8,611 Vehicles For Violating COVID-19 Lock-down Norms

MUMBAI, June 30 (NNN-PTI) – Mumbai police seized 8,611 vehicles across the city, for violating lock-down norms of travelling beyond two km of residential area, without valid official reason.

As per the data, the police verified 30,072 vehicles across 137 check points in the city on Monday, following its appeal to citizens on Sunday, to restrict their outdoor travel for essential activities within a 2-km radius of their homes, to curb COVID-19.

Of the total vehicles impounded, 6,241 were two-wheelers, 1,601 private cars, 295 taxies and 474 three-wheelers, according to police data.

This exercise led to heavy traffic congestion in parts of the city, where a vehicle locked up in traffic for an hour is not considered unusual in normal circumstances, prior to the pandemic.

With mass transport, like railways in the city being restricted to essential service providers, due to the pandemic, the road network in India’s financial capital also had been witnessing abnormally high traffic.

Mumbai has over three million registered vehicles and is termed as India’s most car-congested city.

The police warned of strict action against offenders as the travel movement beyond two km was relaxed only for attending office and medical emergencies.

India’s financial capital, with a population of 18.4 million, is the worst affected city in India with over 28,000 active cases and 4,371 deaths. On Monday, the western state of Maharashtra, which has Mumbai as its political capital, formally extended the lock-down through a notification by one more month to July 30.

As of this morning, India, ranked fourth among all countries for the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, has 210,120 active cases, with 16,475 deaths reported so far.– NNN-PTI