Russian Envoy Says Lebanon Needs Direct Dialogue With Syria

BEIRUT, Lebanon, Feb 8 (NNN-NNA) – Russian Ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, emphasised the need for Lebanon to begin a direct dialogue with Syria, local media reported.

“A direct contact between the two countries is fundamental and we are ready to help in this regard, in case we were asked to,” Zasypkin was quoted as saying by Elnashra, an online independent newspaper.

Zasypkin also said, it is very necessary to work on the return of Syria to the Arab League (AL), without imposing any conditions.

“Damascus has succeeded in winning against terrorism. It deserves respect and its membership in the Arab League is a natural matter,” he said.

While Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, has on many occasions voiced his opposition of normalising ties with the current Syrian government, some political parties, including Hezbollah, Amal movement, and Free Patriotic Movement, have been pushing the government to start a direct dialogue with Syria, in a bid to solve the issue of refugees and their safe return to Syria.

Sources from the Free Patriotic Movement, headed by Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, told a local newspaper that, Lebanese President, Michel Aoun supports Lebanon’s opening up towards Syria and its return to the AL.

“The president is the one who is directly concerned with the foreign policy of Lebanon and he is the one who signs on international agreements and treaties,” the sources said.– NNN-NNA


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