Kiwifruit Prices Hit Record High In New Zealand

WELLINGTON, Jan 15 (NNN-AGENCIES) – Kiwifruit prices in New Zealand were at an all-time high in Dec, 2019, with prices for seasonal fruit and vegetables also up, New Zealand statistics department, Stats NZ, said today.

Kiwifruit prices rose 32 percent in Dec, 2019, to an average price of 8.27 New Zealand dollars per kg.

The average price was the highest in New Zealand record, compared with 4.24 NZ dollars in Dec, 2018.

The price rises for kiwifruit contributed to a 2.1-percent increase in overall fruit and vegetable prices, in Dec, 2019.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables, in particular potatoes, apples, and onions, were the main contributors to the rise in fruit and vegetable prices, between Nov and Dec.

In Apr, 2019, the minimum wage in New Zealand rose from 16.50 to 17.70 NZ dollars an hour. Changes to the minimum wage tend to impact more on workers in the retail and food industries, said Stats NZ. (1 New Zealand dollar equals 0.66 U.S. dollars)– NNN-AGENCIES