Israel Launches Airstrikes On Syrian Air Base In Homs

DAMASCUS, Jan 15 (NNN-SANA) – Israel launched airstrikes on the T-4 air base, in the central Syrian province of Homs, on Tuesday, but causing no major damages.

The Israeli warplanes fired several missiles on the base, most of which were intercepted by the Syrian air defence forces. Four missiles hit the base, the Syrian army said.

The attack was carried out from the direction of the al-Tanf area, in southeastern Syria, where a U.S. base is located, the statement added.

Meanwhile, a military source said that the four missiles destroyed a number of vehicles in the base, but none of the warplanes there were hit.

He said, no human casualties were recorded after the strike.

The attack is the latest in a series of Israeli airstrikes targeting military sites in Syria, which Israel usually claims as the positions of Iranian-backed fighters.

This attack is the first of its kind, following the U.S. assassination of the Iranian commander, Qassem Soleimani, in Iraq earlier this month.– NNN-SANA