Hamas, Islamic Jihad Leaders Head To Cairo For Talks Over Truce With Israel

GAZA, Palestine, Dec 3 (NNN-WAFA) – Leaders of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), headed for Cairo, for talks with senior Egyptian security officials, over a possible truce with Israel.

Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas chief, left through the Rafah Border Crossing, between the southern Gaza Strip and Egypt, the sources said.

The talks will focus on Egyptian efforts, to reinforce a truce between Israel and the Palestinian factions.

Internal Palestinian issues will also be discussed during the talks, they added.

It is the first time that Haniyeh has left Gaza, since Feb, and the sources said, the tour of the Hamas chief may also include Qatar and Russia.

Earlier, the PIJ also announced that, the group had sent a delegation, headed by its politburo member, Khaled al-Batsh, to Cairo for talks with the Egyptians.

The visit came, at the invitation of the Egyptian authorities, the statement noted.

Media reports said, a tangible Egypt-sponsored progress was made, through indirect contacts between Hamas and Israel over a long-term truce.

The visit to Cairo comes, as preparation for building a new hospital, over an area of 40 square km, near the Erez crossing point between the northern Gaza Strip and Israel is underway.

Hamas officials earlier said, this hospital is part of the calm understandings that were reached between Hamas and Israel last year.

However, the Highest Commission of the Great March of Return and Breaking the Israeli Blockade said, it will resume its weekly protests and rallies held every Friday in eastern Gaza.– NNN-WAFA