Update: Three Explosions Rock Syria’s Qamishli City, Killing Six

DAMASCUS, Nov 12 (NNN-SANA) – Six people were killed and 22 others wounded when three car bombs went off in Syria’a northeastern Qamishli city.

Two cars went off in the al-Wihda street while the third one exploded near the al-Amin hotel in the central part of Qamishli city in the northeastern province of Hasakah.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the powerful explosions left at least six people killed, adding that the death toll could likely rise.

The explosions came as the situation in Hasakah turned tense recently as Turkey launched a wide-scale offensive against the Kurdish forces who are in control of large areas in Hasakah.

Turkey captured several areas in northern and northeastern Syria following the wide-scale offensive it had launched last month against the Kurdish militia of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and its broader umbrella of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units, known as YPG, as Ankara deems these groups as terrorists and separatists.

A few deals have taken place since Oct 9 under the Russian mediation, which led to halting the fights in some areas and the entry of Syrian troops to Kurdish-held areas on the Syrian-Turkish border to strip Turkey of its pretext to continue the offensive.

However, Turkey has recently charged that the Kurdish militia didn’t withdraw from certain areas near the Turkish border as planned.– NNN-SANA