UN: Turkish Aggression Forced Thousands Of People To Leave Home

DAMASCUS, Oct 12 (NNN-SANA) – The UN announced that the Turkish regime’s aggression on Syrian territories has forced thousands of civilians to leave their homes, meanwhile, the Syrian Arab Red crescent Organisation said, it is ready to help the civilians, while it distributed aid materials to nearly 400 families.

The Red Crescent added that it seeks to meet the needs of thousands of families, which live hard, difficult conditions in Hasaka and Raqqa, as the Turkish aggression continues for the third day that caused the martyrdom and injury of tens of citizens, in addition to huge material damage.

“We are worried about the expansion of humanitarian catastrophe in the regions, that come under the Turkish aggression, which could increase cases of internal displacement among the residents,” the Red crescent said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Resident Coordinator of the UN in Syria, Omran Rida, said, the UN calls for protecting civilians and the urban infrastructure and respecting international law, fearing the Turkish aggression could lead to increasing number of victims, particularly with the approach of winter.– NNN-SANA