Malaysia’s first fashion artificial intelligence tool SARA launched

KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 (NNN-BERNAMA) — SARATIX and CUSTLR have launched Malaysia’s first fashion Artificial Intelligence (AI) named Simultaneous Artificial Response and Action (SARA), with a user-friendly add-on for fashion businesses.

Powered by Deep Learning Neural Network and Machine Learning, SARA was developed with the help of bright minded professors, students, developers and engineers from a number of universities located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Coming with services including body profiling using  A4 paper, fashion analytics and retail reports, the newly-launched Saratix and CUSTLR uses a crowd-sourced engine to produce well-made clothing, focusing on the main problem affecting e-Commerce businesses.

Saratix’s AI and A4 technology are able to accurately measure any person’s body size within seconds, with just a mobile device, unlike typical average-based profiles using height and weight commonly found in the current market.

SARA’s algorithm effectively analyses and generates reports in numerous ways to increase business growth and reduce return rates at the same time. Retail and fashion e-commerce brands will be able to try this technology out for free, for a limited time.

Saratix partnering Malaysia’s top System and Software Development solutions company, BESTWEB Technologies Sdn Bhd strives to keep improving by creating a stronger and more intelligent AI.