Rainstorms, Floods Killed 50 In West Afghanistan

Rainstorms, Floods Killed 50 In West Afghanistan

FIROZ KOH, Afghanistan, May 19 (NNN-ANA) – At least 50 people have been killed, with 10 others missing, in the past 24 hours, in west Afghanistan’s Ghor Province, a local official said, yesterday.

Floods engulfed the province’s Shahrak, Dulina, Laal and Sarjangal districts, with 2,000 residential houses and 2,500 shops destroyed, Abdulrahman Badres, the provincial police spokesman, said.

Another seven people were killed in Ghor during the flash floods that lashed the province and other regions in Afghanistan, on May 10, spokesman of Ghor’s governor, Abdul Wahid Hamas, said.

Downpours and floods also blocked the road of Ghor’s neighbouring provinces of Herat and Farah.

Afghanistan has been experiencing heavy rains and floods in the past month, causing casualties and property damage.– NNN-ANA  


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