KL20 Summit: Malaysia Making Great Strides In Development Of Its Smart Cities

KL20 Summit: Malaysia Making Great Strides In Development Of Its Smart Cities

KUALA LUMPUR, April 22 (Bernama) — Malaysia is making significant strides in the development of its smart cities, thanks to a concerted effort from the government to strengthen essential digital infrastructure.

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) chief executive officer Mahadhir Aziz emphasised the importance of fostering a robust digital, technological and artificial intelligence (AI) ecosystem and infrastructure to facilitate Malaysia’s transition into smart cities. 

He said the government, in collaboration with the Digital Ministry, MDEC, and other relevant ministries, is actively improving and integrating communication, digital and technological infrastructure to support the transition.

“By providing the requisite infrastructure and incorporating clean and renewable energy solutions, existing cities can seamlessly transition into smart cities,” he said.

Speaking at a panel session titled “The Evolution of Smart Cities” during the KL20 Summit 2024 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Monday, Mahadhir also elaborated on the government’s steadfast commitment to digital transformation.

“We are laying the groundwork by building and enhancing communication and digital infrastructure. Subsequently, our focus will shift towards enhancing city services and fostering interconnectivity which will soon elevate Malaysian cities into smart cities,” he explained.

Mahadhir pointed out that Malaysia’s initiative to evolve its cities into smart hubs is positioned to attract greater international investments.

He highlighted that as more global entities seek environmentally conscious and technologically advanced expansion sites, Malaysia’s commitment to smart city development presents a compelling opportunity.



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