Thailand’s Future Forward Party Leader Officially Ceases MP Duty After Being Sworn In

BANGKOK, Thailand, May 25 (NNN-TNA) – Thailand’s Future Forward party leader, Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, today (Saturday), officially ceased his duty as MP, according to a court order, minutes after being sworn in.

The first meeting of the House of Representatives convened this morning, with Chai Chidchob of Bhumjaithai Party, 91, the eldest MP, being the acting house speaker.

Chai led all attending MP’s to be sworn in, as they vowed to perform their duties honestly for the benefits of the country and the people and to uphold the constitution.

Immediately after that, he asked House secretary-general to read the order of the Constitutional Court for Thanathorn to stop performing his MP duties, until the court delivers a ruling on his suspicion.

Thanathorn was accused by Thailand’s Election Commission of holding shares in a media firm, which is against Thai law.

The Constitutional Court on Thursday made a decision to accept the Election Commission’s petition and had his parliamentary duties suspended for the time being.

After walking out of the meeting room, Thanathorn told reporters that he will “work outside by talking more to people to learn about their problems and convey them to our fellow MP’s.”– NNN-TNA