At least US$20 billion needed to rebuild Gaza – Hayat Yolu

At least US$20 billion needed to rebuild Gaza – Hayat Yolu

SHAH ALAM (Malaysia), Feb 11 (NNN-Bernama) — Hayat Yolu, a non-governmental organisation based in Istanbul, Turkiye, estimates that at least US$20 billion will be required for the post-war reconstruction efforts in Gaza.

Ahmed Shaltoot, Head of Partnerships at Hayat Yolu, emphasised that this estimate was formulated considering short, medium, and long-term intervention priorities, which include rebuilding houses and schools, revitalising the health sector, implementing desalination and solar energy projects, as well as providing aid for orphans.

Hayat Yolu is collaborating with partners from 13 other countries to address the reconstruction challenges in Gaza.

“We must organise and plan systematically, as it is not feasible to begin reconstruction amidst ongoing conflict. Insha’Allah, once the conflict ceases, we will have a concrete figure to support the rebuilding efforts in Gaza,” Ahmed told Bernama during an event held in the Selangor city of Shah Alam on Sunday.

Ahmed is among the speakers at the International Postwar Gaza Rebuilding Planning Session, co-organised by the Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organisations (MAPIM) and Hayat Yolu. Over 200 delegates from 23 countries are participating in this event to strategize the direction of post-war reconstruction in Gaza.

In a related update, the Palestinian Cultural Organization-Malaysia (PCOM) reported that as of February 4, after 121 days of war, a devastating toll of casualties and destruction has been recorded in Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The figures include 27,737 fatalities, 71,021 injuries, and over 8,000 individuals missing or buried under debris.

Muath Omar, Political Affairs and Media Coordinator at PCOM, highlighted the unprecedented scale of destruction, with over 360,000 houses, 386 education facilities, and 221 places of worship damaged. He emphasized that at least US$50 billion is needed for the reconstruction of Gaza.

Despite Israeli aggression, Muath noted the resilience of the Palestinian resistance movement. He stated that after five months of conflict, the Israeli occupation army failed to dismantle the resistance or gain full control of Gaza. Instead, the resistance successfully destroyed numerous military vehicles, including tanks, troop carriers, bulldozers, and jeeps.

Muath also mentioned discrepancies between official and disclosed figures regarding Israeli casualties, indicating the resilience and effectiveness of the Palestinian resistance throughout the Gaza Strip.



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