Picture News May 2, 2019

Picture News May 2, 2019
Mumbai, India, May 2 – Sophie, Countess of Wessex, being welcomed as she arrives at a school to attend a charity programme, in Mumbai. Photo courtesy of PTI Photo
Colombo, Sri Lanka, May 2 – Dark clouds from a passing thunder storm is seen over the skyline of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Meteorological Department says that it is likely to move north-northeastwards moving away from the island towards the coast of Odisha in India. Photo courtesy of PTI
Astaneh Ashrafieh, Iran, May 2 – Young people hold a football tournament in paddy fields of a village in the suburbs of the northern Iranian city of Astaneh Ashrafieh. Astaneh-ye Ashrafiyeh is a major peanut, rice, silk, and fragrant medicinal herbs producing city. It lies close to the city of Rasht and the Caspian Sea. Photo courtesy of Irna

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