Picture News April 24, 2019

Picture News April 24, 2019
Antananarivo, Madagascar, April 24 – Lemurs, which are found only on Madagascar, are an endangered species due mainly to deforestation and hunting. Lemurs are among the many wildlife treasures that are unique to Madagascar. Out of 111 recorded lemur species, 105 face the threat of extinction, says the Lemur Conservation Network (LCN).Photo courtesy of Telesur
Johannesburg, South Africa, April 24 – Plumes of acrid smoke filled the air as women danced and chanted by the roadside. Police and protesters exchanged volleys of teargas and stones in Johannesburg on Tuesday when a suburb erupted into protest over public services ahead of polls on May 8. Dozens of residents in the working class Turffontein suburb blocked the main road through ward 55, burning tyres, mattresses and tree branches over allegedly unfair allocation of new social housing nearby. Photo courtesy of News Vision
Los Angeles, California, April 24 – U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang hoists a supporter’s sign after speaking at a rally in downtown Los Angeles, California. Yang is one of many Democratic presidential candidates looking to take on Donald Trump in 2020. Since declaring his run, Andrew Yang has made Universal Basic Income his signature policy, promising to give $1,000 each month to every American over 18. Photo courtesy of ANDREWYANG Twitter

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