Yemeni Leader Praises Gulf Union’s Role In Yemen’s Peace Process

Yemeni Leader Praises Gulf Union’s Role In Yemen’s Peace Process

ADEN, May 30 (NNN-SABA) – Yemeni Presidential Leadership Council (PLC) Chairman, Rashad Al-Alimi, praised the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), for its constructive role in Yemen’s efforts to achieve unity and peace.

Al-Alimi made the remarks, during a meeting with GCC Secretary General, Jasem Mohamed AlBudaiwi in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, where the GCC headquarters is based.

Congratulating the GCC chief and the leaders of GCC states, on the Council’s 42nd anniversary, Al-Alimi commended the GCC as a successful and effective regional organisation that has significantly contributed to the development and well-being of the Gulf region.

He also expressed gratitude for the GCC’s longstanding efforts, in promoting Yemen’s unity and its unwavering support during Yemen’s protracted civil war.

For his part, the GCC chief reaffirmed the GCC’s support for the UN endeavours, to find a political solution that would restore unity, peace, and independence to Yemen, according to a statement from the GCC Secretariat.

Established in Riyadh on May 25, 1981, the GCC is a political and economic union, comprising six Gulf Arab countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.– NNN-SABA  


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