Gunmen kill 7 people at water park in central Mexico: City Hall

Gunmen kill 7 people at water park in central Mexico: City Hall

CELAYA (Mexico), April 16 (NNN-AGENCIES) — A band of gunmen invaded a resort where dozens of vacationers were spending the weekend in central Mexico and opened fire, killing six adults and a 7-year-old, authorities said.

Officials in the Cortazar municipality in Guanajuato state said in a statement that an eighth person was seriously wounded in the midafternoon attack at the La Palma resort. The statement did not speculate on a possible motive.

After the shooting, the attackers destroyed the spa shop and took the security cameras before fleeing, officials said. Three women, three men and the child died.

A video posted on social media shows several people in swimsuits running about crying, screaming and hugging their children.

Mexican soldiers and police aided by a helicopter were searching for the attackers.

Guanajuato, an agricultural and industrial hub, has been Mexico’s most violent state for years. The Jalisco New Generation drug cartel has been fighting with local criminal groups, including the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel, which is apparently backed by the Sinaloa cartel.

Police “arrived at the scene where they found… three dead women, three men and a seven-year-old minor, in addition to one person seriously wounded,” said a statement from City Hall in Cortazar, the municipality where the attack took place.

The incident occurred in the afternoon at La Palma resort in the Cortazar municipality of Guanajuato state.

The statement from officials did not provide any insight into the possible reason for the attack. — NNN-AGENCIES


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