Argentine Government Ratifies Zero Fiscal Deficit Policy

BUENOS AIRES, April 23 (NNN-PRESNA LATINA) – After the plan of measures to control the economic situation in the country announced last Friday, the Argentine government ratified on Monday the need to reach zero fiscal deficit.

In a press conference, Argentina Finance Minister Nicolas Dujovne said that the fiscal goal was overachieved in the first quarter with a surplus of 10,341 million in the first quarter, while the financial deficit rose 32 percent.

Amid a new rise in the dollar this Monday, the holder of the portfolio reported data monitoring zero deficit targets agreed with the International Monetary Fund during the first quarter and said that ‘markets are not asking us for changes in economic policy.

The heaviest is the political uncertainty, said Dujovne, adding that the rise in the so-called country irrigation has to do with this.

According to the portal Urgente 24, the country risk (the interest surcharge paid by each country to finance itself in the international market) climbed on Monday to its highest since 2014, amid growing economic and political uncertainty at the local level, according to market operators.