Peru: PM calls for unity to face rain emergency

Peru: PM calls for unity to face rain emergency
Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

CHIMBOTE (Ancash, Peru), March 17 (NNN-ANDINA) — Peruvian Prime Minister Alberto Otarola called for maintaining unity in Peru in the face of the emergency caused by recent rains and floods.

Let’s stand in solidarity with all our compatriots who are suffering the ravages of nature. This is a misfortune that affects us, all Peruvians. With strength, we are going to come out of this problem since Peruvians are stronger (than our problems),” he expressed.

In this sense, the high-ranking official expressed his wish that “we stand united. With strength, we are going to come out of these problems.”.

The Prime Minister leads the government delegation that delivered humanitarian and food aid in Chimbote (Ancash region).

The Cabinet chief supervised the delivery of said shipment, after arriving in this city, aboard an Army Spartan aircraft. Its cargo consisted of six tons of food, he specified.

Otarola also noted that nearly 30 tons of aid have been so far delivered to Ancash —since the beginning of the emergency caused by rains and floods.

“We are here, bringing aid to the entire Ancash region through six tons of food aid. We are working hard to consolidate this support, especially in an area as hard hit as Ancash,” he indicated.

The Prime Minister specified that, during his visit to the region, he will also visit Moro district, in Santa province, as well as Casma province and the Chasquitambo area, in Bolognesi province.

In said area, the highway that connects Pativilca with Huaraz remains blocked due to high-scale landslide, he explained.

Similarly, Otarola reported that once Sechin Bridge was restored, after the overflow of the river under the same name, traffic in Casma has been normalizing gradually.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister was joined by Transportation Minister Paola Lazarte, as well as Congresswomen Lady Camones and Nilza Chacon. — NNN-ANDINA


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