Control Room Set Up In India’s Goa To Contain Forest Fires

Control Room Set Up In India’s Goa To Contain Forest Fires

NEW DELHI, Mar 12 (NNN-PTI) – The Indian environment, forest and climate change ministry, said yesterday that, a round-the-clock control room has been set up for real-time monitoring of fire alerts, as forest fires raged in the western state of Goa.

According to officials, a total of 48 fire spots have been reported in the government forests, private lands, private forests and other areas on Mar 5-10.

Out of those, 41 fires were doused but seven were still raging.

The ministry, however, said no major losses to floral and faunal diversity were reported.

The Goa forest department was working in close coordination with local administration and other departments, including fire and emergency services, and mobilising personnel and materials to ensure that the fire spots are contained and loss of life and property, including natural resources, is kept at a low level.

Officials said, more than 750 people were on the field to attend to the fire incidences.

Authorities dispatched two helicopters of the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy, to carry out Bambi-bucket operations in inaccessible areas. Aircraft also carried out regular aerial reconnaissance, to ascertain the extent of fire across the state.– NNN-PTI


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