Chinese Ambassador to Chile Rejects Pompeo’s Allegations

China’s Ambassador to Chile, Xu Bu. Photo courtesy of Plenglish

SANTIAGO DE CHILE, Apr 15 (NNN- Prensa Latina) – China’s Ambassador to Chile, Xu Bu, has slammed allegations by US State Secretary Mike Pompeo during his recent visit to Santiago and termed them absurd and baseless.

During his stay in the Chilean capital, Pompeo said Chinese investments are ‘corrosive’, as they promote corruption, erode good governance and that China is not a reliable partner

Quoted by La Tercera daily, the chief diplomat replied the US makes no concrete contribution whatsoever to the economic development of Latin American nations, but it accuses China for its economic and trade cooperation for mutual benefit.

He further said Pompeo underestimates the memory of Latin Americans by saying the US is a reliable partner, when it has historically treated the region as a backyard, launching military interventions and imposing sanctions.

Xu recalled the ‘merciless blockade for over half a century on Cuba, the wall in the southern border with Mexico and the little assistance it has provided to Haiti and other Central American countries.

The Ambassador also rejected as malicious lie Pompeo’s allegation that the Huawei Company is under the control of the Chinese government. With actions against it, Washington tries to choke the legitimate functioning of Chinese sophisticated technology enterprises.