Egyptian Archaeologists Find Mummies With Golden Tongues

Egyptian Archaeologists Find Mummies With Golden Tongues

CAIRO, Nov 25 (NNN-MENA) – The Egyptian archaeological mission, working at a temple in the delta province of Menoufia, found several mummies with golden tongues, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced, yesterday.

The tombs, which date back to different eras, including the Late Period of ancient Egypt and the Greco-Roman civilisation, contained several mummies that had golden tongues nestled in their jawbones, the statement said.

The mummies were in bad preservation condition, which meant the tombs had been subject to looting, it noted.

Several skeletons enveloped in golden sheets, some human-shaped wooden tombs, potteries and materials used in mummification were also found.

Bahaa Al-Nagar, an archaeological expert, said, it’s believed that “the tongues were made of gold to ensure the deceased would be able to speak in the afterlife.”

He said that, in ancient times, rulers used to decorate their masks, toes, fingers and tongues with gold, because it is an everlasting material whose brightness will remain forever.– NNN-MENA


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