Uganda Land Minister Namuganza survives assassination attempt

Uganda Land Minister Namuganza survives assassination attempt

Namuganza says she had just left Parliament before being attacked on Thursday. (File photo)

KAMPALA, Sept 23 (NNN-NEWVISION) — Lands state minister Persis Namuganza, still reeling from the shock of being attacked on Thursday (September 22), has revealed details of an attempt on her life by unknown people.

She told New Vision on Friday that she is recovering from the ordeal, and spoke of her shock to learn that her would-be killers had trailed her “for a long time”.

According to the minister, they attacked her in Bukoto in Kampala, just before the traffic lights mounted opposite St. Andrew’s Church. This is on the road heading to Ntinda.

It happened at around 7pm on Thursday, she said.

Namuganza said she is grateful that Police from Kira Road Police Station responded swiftly. She has since reported the case to the same station.

“Yesterday [Thursday, September 22], we left Parliament very late. So at around 7pm, we were driving home. 

“When we reached the Bukoto traffic lights, the vehicles were moving. I saw people hiding. You know when you are seated in the back car seat, you are able to clearly see things outside. 

“So I saw people hiding. For me, I didn’t care. I thought they were just boda boda riders. So within a few minutes, they ran quickly to my vehicle on the side where I was seated. I still did not mind, thinking these are boda boda riders carrying passengers. 

“Although I was not bothered, I kept my eyes on them. Then I saw someone wearing a brown jacket reach in his pockets. I immediately sensed danger.  I was shocked and I realised there is a problem. 

“Within seconds, I heard a huge bang on the car window where I was seated, shuttering it. So I made an alarm and my bodyguard immediately realised the problem. We almost ran into other people’s vehicles and ended up hitting the pavement.

“In the midst of the confusion, the person ran behind Bemuga House. We looked for him, but he had disappeared. This person had followed us for a long time, right from town. — NNN-NEWVISION


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