Hazland And MPRC Call On OGSE Companies To Explore Adjacent Industries To Secure Long-term Sustainability

KUCHING,  June 22 (Bernama) — Sarawak’s oil & gas, services and equipment (OGSE) companies have been urged to explore adjacent industries to help secure their long-term sustainability in tandem with the energy transition that is seeing oil & gas majors shift to renewable energy and cleaner fossil fuels.
Dr Haji Hazland bin Abang Hipni, Sarawak’s Deputy Minister of Energy and Environmental Sustainability, said, “The OGSE industry needs to progress in a more sustainable manner. The current trend is to phase out fossil fuels as we are now going through a transition of energy where hydrogen is the energy of the future. Hence, Sarawak is focusing and committing a lot of effort towards greener sources of energy such as hydro, solar and hydrogen. In other words, leveraging on the State’s natural resources of over 300 rivers as well as regular rainfall, abundant sunshine and natural gas.”



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