Comoros’ presidential election slated for March 24

MORONI, March 23 (NNN-AGENCIES) — Comorians will head to the polls to elect a president on Sunday, March 24.

The presidential election is a test for outgoing President Azali Assoumani over the manner in which presidential candidates are selected.

On the island of Anjouan, it was expected that a president from the island would be chosen based on the principle of a five-year rotational presidency in 2021.

However, last year, Assoumani called for a referendum to extend the president’s term of office to 10 years and decided on an early presidential election.

The autonomy of the three islands: Grande-Comore, Anjouan and Mohéli which constitute the archipelago, has been considerably reduced after the reforms.

The new turnaround and the electoral calendar were the main focus of the opposition’s campaign for the presidential election.

According to the opposition, Assoumani’s policy could re-open past wounds in reference to the secession of the island of Anjouan between 1997 and 2000.

The presidential camp, for its part, said the reform had become necessary.

They explained that the extension of the Presidential term limit, was to make him more accountable to the citizens, while having more time to pursue his projects. — NNN-AGENCIES


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